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Imminent Terror Attacks! How Do We Know?

Case study to train intel and financial AML analysts of what to look for in order to provide early warning for "spectacular terror attacks". What do terrorist attacks at the Taj Mahal hotel Mumbai, the UN building in Abuja, the US embassy in Benghazi, and the Westgate mall in Nairobi have in common - A Narrative of a genuine 3 months counter-terrorism operation

Imminent Terror Threat Alerts - Updates

By simultaneously flooding the targeted countries with Mujahideen activities the Islamic State seeks a guaranteed success of high Profile Terror Attacks by ISIS in Europe, Australia, Canada, and even the US. Imminent Terror Threat Alerts - Updates

Al Qaeda Targets ‘Magnificent 5’ In Eastern Africa

Long term, Al Qaeda has a dualistic and holistic strategy with the development and deployment of instruments like Boko Haram and Al Shabaab, which are currently at its finest in Africa. It introduced best practices and cost efficiency for international attacks by combining services of independent providers and to attain its goals it trades support, resources, or action with other cross-border criminal organizations.

The opponents of Al Qaeda African affiliates are preferably Western ones from countries that they fight in their homeland. Those opponents are represented by the UN, ADB, World Bank, IFC, and foreign investors in general, with a significant financial and ex-pat presence in Africa’s 'Magnificent 5'.

Al Qaeda Value Pyramid bridges continents with ‘Motivation by events’

Al Qaeda’s global strategy Value Pyramid bridges continents with ‘Motivation by events’.  Al Qaeda wants to cultivate support in ‘for example’ Brazil and South Korea where Muslims are a small peaceful minority and the security services do not expect a threat on their soil, it attacks the interests and ex-pats from those countries to trigger countrywide reactions about and among ‘peaceful’ Muslims. With as side effects that more people “who seek to understand” flock to the religion and growing support for extremists.

Uganda is, because of its connections with the US under the Bush administration, the leading country in Africa's Magnificent 5' ; Uganda, Kenya. Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi .

Short-term “the Magnificent 5” countries are targeted by Al Qaeda affiliates but also considered hubs to expedite Al Qaeda’s long-term global strategy on other continents.

October 2011, Ultrascan-HUMINT received reports that instigated a surveillance program during 2012/2013. The surveillance recorded preparations for attacks in “the Magnificent 5” countries.

October 2013, the preparations for attacks in Rwanda and Uganda, show a similar Value Pyramid that is befitting the timeline of the attack on the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya.  Note: (2009) Al Haramain has a growing presence in the 'Magnificent 5' countries, not only in Kenya's, Garissa, and Dadaab!

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Inside Boko Haram Terror Funding

Cyber Crime (419 AFF) fraud is shifting from a criminal-inspired activity into an ideology - driven terror funding mechanism for African-based terror organizations.

Boko Haram the Definite Guide - Next Phase GSI Doctrine

Boko Haram must be considered the most advanced, well-prepared, disciplined, and solid-financed terror organization in 50 years. Very effective.

It’s an undeniable fact that Boko Haram has entered the next phase of its GSI doctrine .


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