Reality is the working paradox that defies control

al Qaeda fighters from Iran, in the West

Monitoring the communications and travel patterns revealed the existence of small groups of Iranian fighters in the West, possible an imminent threat.

Iran’s relationship with al-Qaeda : It’s complicated

The juxtaposition of al-Qaeda as in theory an arch-foe of the Iranian regime while at the same time having senior members inside Iran, underscores a very complex relationship that Tehran has with the terrorist organization. In its ties with al-Qaeda, Iran seeks to leverage the group, use it as a card in promoting regional interest and utilize it operationally against the West or Israel or Arab neighbors.


During an early morning observation in March 2017 we monitored a small group of al Qaeda fighters in the Netherlands, experienced soldiers, not the typical returnees. They crashed a packed student party with the music peaking at 110db and were cracking jokes about "how do you recognize an al Qaeda fighter from Iran? his nose points a little bit to the left". The group was having a blast and cheering: "we are al Qa'ida AND Iranian"


Al Qaeda, The Shadow Where Crime Becomes Ideology

Al Qaeda projects itself as an organization fighting for the greater good. In reality it is nothing more than a name that different groups (can) hide behind and attach itself to the Al Qaeda "brand".

It does not take a brilliant mind to think of ways this system can be exploited. Organizations that have enemies and competitors that are extremely determined. If any of those enemies were to attack their competitor they would not have any good way of doing that without outing themselves as the culprit.

This is where Al Qaeda comes in. Thus, diverting blame from themselves and onto, largely, unsuspecting groups of people who flock to the al Qaeda "ideals". Leaving the real perpetrators in the dark behind the Al Qaeda shadow were crime becomes ideology!

More attacks are planned by AQ affiliates (and offshoots) against the US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Australia and in the EU, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria and the UK. (Threat Map)

Imminent threats and incidents in western Europe will raise national alert levels in the first quarter of 2017.


first published by Ultrascan Humint (between 2009 and) March 04, 2017