Reality is the working paradox that defies control

Transnational Nature of Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud

Some people believe that wherever they are and whatever they do, they are being watched by their enemies. They believe everyone is plotting against them and that nowhere is safe. They trust no-one. These are symptoms of a serious mental illness known as Paranoia.

Unless, of course, it is True.

Which it is in terms of 419. The 419ers are Everywhere.

There are 419 cells in nearly every country on earth. There are too many cells in Nigeria to count. Benin, the UK, South Africa, and Spain are heavily infested. 419er operations are on the uptick in China (both mainland China and Hong Kong), and in Malaysia. There are 419er cells in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Ghana, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, India, Pakistan, and the Czech Republic. These days, about the only place on earth without 419 cells is Antarctica – for now, anyway.

Why is this? Why are the 419ers everywhere? How did this happen?

No-one knows for sure, but over the years a variety of contributing factors have been speculatively mentioned by those who study the issue. A few of these are:

*The tremendous success over the years of 419ers operating from Nigeria has made many targets leery of anything to do with Nigeria. So the more successful 419 syndicates felt their success rate would be higher by operating from “branch offices” in other countries as well as from their “home office” in Nigeria.

*Many, many Nigerians have left and continue to leave Nigeria to work and live elsewhere. So many that in fact the Nigerians themselves call this phenomenon “The Diaspora” – and many 419ers are no different than anyone else, they want out too. Of course they have to make a living when they get to wherever they go – so they continue to do what they know best.

*For many years, the Nigerian telecommunications system simply did not have the capacity to keep up with the growing needs of the 419 syndicates, so they sent cells out to countries with better telecommunications infrastructure. And these cells spawned other cells, and so on.

*Many 419ers, especially the more successful ones, prefer to keep the bulk of their money outside of the Nigerian banking system , and indeed out of Nigeria itself, in First World banks, and in First World currencies rather than Nigerian currency, the Naira. Seems they don’t trust their own banks. And they like to have cells where their money is so they can watch it and do transactions locally as necessary.

*419er cells tend to target victims in countries other than the one from which they are based . 419er cells in Nigeria generally do not target Nigerians. 419er cells operating from the UK tend not to target Brits. 419 cells operating from Spain tend not to target the Spanish. This tends to keep the “local heat” off 419er cells, since the victims are elsewhere so no complaints are being filed with the local authorities by irate local citizens. And this creates a quagmire of jurisdictional, protocol, communications, and other issues for the authorities in the many Different countries where there Are complaints being filed against a given 419er cell – that they can’t physically get at. So the more cells in more places, the better.


"In short, 419 is one of the longest running, most successful, omnipresent, trans-national, mass marketing campaigns in history. The 419er home offices remain in the relatively safe haven of Nigeria, but like any other international conglomerate they set up local branches in many nations. These branches set up more branches, and so on, in almost a multi-level-marketing business model."


So, are the 419ers among us everywhere in true trans-national fashion? Are they actively plotting to defraud everyone they can? Yes, it’s true.

So sometimes a little Paranoia can be a Good Thing.

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