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Fraud Determines Nigeria's International Image?

Nigeria Says It Wants To Clean Up Its Bad Image

It is obvious that many of the 170 million Nigerians are not aware that some of their fellow countrymen have earned them the dubious honour of becoming the worlds number one globalizer for Fraud.

That bad image of Nigeria has become of greater concern to Nigerians and Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria’s president bemoans the negative image of his country, which is smeared by 419 Advance Fee Fraud, internet fraud and corruption. Nigerians stop lying to yourselves.

But Which Bad Image ?

Before Nigerians start to clean there image they should decide which negative image is addressed, the bad image Nigerians have of some corrupt Nigerians orthe bad image that most foreigners have of All Nigerians and are reminded of every day !

419 Advance Fee Fraud in Nigeria a Matter of Security

The EFCC Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is Nigeria's specialized law enforcement agency to fight these crimes and is quite successful for Nigeria. Considering the local circumstances, prosecution for stealing from the nation’s coffers is going reasonable well and it secured more than 773 convictions and "recovered billions of naira" (??) since its inception in 2003. Even though one could wish more of the same, the EFCC is at least enabled for steady professional progress.

Which Fraudsters Determine Nigeria's International Image ?

Sadly enough the good work of the EFCC doesn’t reduce the bad international image that proud Nigerians want to get rid of. Because the foreigners that are lured to send money under false pretences to Nigerians every day, couldn’t care less about Nigerians stealing from the coffers of the state. As long as those victims don’t get any form of recognition and the fraudsters are not prosecuted for Advance Fee Fraud, every Nigerian will potentially be profiled as international fraudster, its that simple.

Nigerians can change their tarnished international image by punishing Advance Fee Fraudsters and recognizing the millions of victims. By taking on that relatively small but vital group of criminals that smear their name every day, the 170 million honest Nigerians would finally send a strong signal.

It’s Pretty Easy To Find These Fraudsters !

Next to about half a million Nigerian fraudsters in Nigeria's Diaspora there are at least a couple of hundred thousand fraudsters who have received foreign cash transfers in Lagos (Festac, Ikeja, Ajao and Ajegunle), Ibadan (from whereRomance scams and Sextortion fund terrorism), Aba, Owerri, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Warri and universities at Ekpoma and universities of Benin.

Unless obtaining a foreign transfer by false pretence is not a crime in Nigeria, it can immediately start cleaning up its international image by connecting money transfers to perpetrators and victims of fraud, on the spot today. In Nigeria lots of offenders are queuing in plain sight for Money Transfer Agency'sand the victims have identified them self on the transfer forms.

Except for denial of the problem, what can be easier to start a clean-up ?


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