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How to become an advance fee scammer

We do not want you to become a criminal, do not try this at home, it is only an example of how it is done if you do try this you will end up in jail! Research - Education of advance fee scammers. - Here is how one of our volunteers who infiltrated into a Nigerian 419 scamring got his first lesson and was initiated by a successful scamring boss to become a "Guy" (Guy is how 419-scammers call each other

========= Quote from the 419 Oga - crime boss =========

na your initiation into guy be this.

the game na game of luck, talent and greed.the three factors must work together for the money to come out.the greed naim dey push the mugu to come pay money, believing say im gho carry the millions wey dem promise am at the end of the day.the same greed naim be your driving force as a only greed gho fit make you cross your mind dey chop people money even if you know say na the last cash wey dem get.some mugu dey go selll their house,while some sef dey take loan wey dem gho later go jail for.some dey commit suicide after dem don pay so much money and dem no know the way to get their life get to put all this in mind when you dey do the work.the money no be free be dash the mugu dey dash you the dey give you the money based on the organised lie wey you don tell if you later hear say the man don die, im no suppose shake you because you don already cross your Indian boy wey dey go school for Yankee wey we chop.the idiot go take im college fund and borrow money from the college take pay tire.finally when im no fit pay back dem drive from the school and Immigration come deport the guy back to pregnant small girl from Madagascar pay me with money wey she save for her labour and the first month after she only God know wetin happen to am and her new born baby now.another old woman use the money wey im save for her handicapped son take pay me.after she loose the money them admit am for hospital for shock and i no believe say the handicapped son survive.the Indonasian manager wey i chop wey you take enter jand,write me say im gho get to commit suicide to save im face.i no hear form am again.i hope say im no kill himself.some stories dey worse and i prefer not to remember dem.Make God help and forgive all of us.AMEN.

na three parts make up 419

1. making the initial contact.

na here the first factor "luck" come this initial contact you gho take meet different mugu(or maga).when 419 first start na letter posting people dey do.that na when people like dem Fred Hammer,Ade Hammer,Eze Hammer, and all the other guymen hammer.that time you gho just put the introductory mail or format for letter then collect postal addresses from yellow pages write for envolopes and post gho put telephone number for the format so that dem fit call you when dem receive the letter.the game still dey very fresh that time.dem say by then if you post 100 letters,99 people gho call you.but now wey many people don get email addresses,na through internet most guymen dey send format now.also because say e dey cheaper.but some guymen wey don collect from posting still dey post.e no easy to dey buy stamps for international posting.when i first start i post small but i no make any money inside.naim i enter internet posting.the process of sending out the emails naim we dey call BLASTING while through letter na POSTING.some people dey use fax,but e no dey common.i dey do am the same format wey dem dey post for envelope those days naim we still dey send by this process of making the first contact na here the luck come in as i don first talk.for posting dem dey get postal addresses from yellow pages,but for blasting we dey get email through different computer these sofwares dem dey dey call of these software and the most porpular na SPIDER.naim i be say i fit forward give you that time.but the machine dey very powerful and if you use am for most cafes,e gho slow down their systems or even shut am down.but i gho fit dey harvest email addreses for you then you gho dey blast for that side.dem dey call the harvestor SPIDER because e dey move like spider.the machine dey enter about 3.5 million email servers like yahoo,hotmail, and the rest dey sort out email addresses.for the machine to harvest email addresses you get to put one name.then the machine gho beging move like spider for cob web dey enter those 3.5 million email servers dey bring out email addresses wey dey connected or related to that name wey you put.everybody dey put different names and everybody dey get different email addresses.each name wey you put dey give you at least 3- 4 thousand email addresses.some names fit give you as much as 20 or 24 thousand email addresses at once.the addresses wey i send come give you so na one name i take harvest them.getting the names na one of the most important part of the job.this na like throwing a here the luck really come it.if you put very common name wey people don take harvest before the na so so curse you gho get.but if you take time find very strong and strange name then you gho get fresh email addreses wey people never use.the game na to get somebody wey dem never chop before,or wey never see format before.for now na me dey use name dey harvest for you.but later you gho begin send names to me make i take dey harvest for you,because as i talk na here the luck gho get to dey look out for strange names for T.V ,video casset at the end of movies,or DVDS,or for magazines.dey write these names down when you see dem,then you fit send them to me by email and i gho put dem for spider take harvest for the first tool na the email addresses and the first stage naBLASTING.the second stage of 419 na

2. the second stage na PACKAGING.

na here talent and experience come in.after you don blast and some mugu don reply you get to explain the transaction to dem and also convince then say the transaction dey risk-free,honest and need to get good communication skill and convincing skills to fine tune the person to believe wetin you dey talk.most of the stories na the same.the main thing be say you get some money(millions of dollars) wey you want make somebody help you clear and you gho offer the person some percentage(10%,15% or 20%) of the total amount if im fit help you clear the money transfer am put for im account and im gho later transfer your share to your account.but you know say e no gho ever reach that two types of format we get,
the first one na come and carry.this one mean say you deposit the money as physical cash with the security company and the money dey packed as physical cash in $100 dollar bills.that means the mugu get to come holland or wherever the security company dey come clear the money and carry am comot go im country or go transfer and through account.thats why dem dey call am come and carry.most of these format na basically the same story.your father na one big farmer from Zimbabwe wey President Mugabe people kill collect im farmland,but before im die im deposit $24 million dollars with one security company for Holland,Spain or London(depend on where you want make dem do the work).now you as the eldest son,you need foreign partner to help you clear the money and transfer an to im account.or you fit say you be son of one Liberian diamond merchant wey Charles Taylor men kill and you father deposit money for security company.or you fit say you be Mohammed Abacha or even ADC to Sadam Hussein.thats why we get Abacha format,Zimbabwe format.Liberian format,Congo format or any important and dead head of state or prominent individual. we don dey divert into Asia and Arab format the one wey i wan send to you now na Dubai cancer format. as for transfer.that one be say the money dey one account and you need somebody to give you account wey dem gho transfer the money go.most times these format dey be NNPC format say oy uto work for accounts department for NNPC or one contact review committe. or South African format say you dey work for ministry of mines and energy for South Africa and you smuggle some money keep.when the mugu agree to do the transaction then im gho contact the foreign payment office where the money dey lodged and them gho transfer the money to im account.the foreign payment office gho now tell am to pay some money as COST OF TRANSFER before dem fit transfer the money to this cost of transfer be the bill.after im pay this money then another story gho enter and dem gho match am another bill.the game na never ending so the mugu gho dey pay until im tire or die in the process.the subsequent bills dey dey higher. you get to give the person good reason why you no fit clear the money by gho also get to tell am say im gho need to pay some money to theSECURITY COMPANY where you or your later father deposit this cash as storage charge on the trunk boxes for the period wey you don take deposit the cash with them.most times you gho tell the mugu say the security company no know say na physical cash dey inside the TRUNK BOXES wey you deposit with them.that is why you no fit tell them make dem deduct the storage charge from the the mugu gho help you pay this storage charge to the security company.after im pay this storage charge then dem gho give am the trunk boxes wey the money get to convince am say im get to pay this storage this storage charge we dey call BILL.if the mugu agree to pay this BILL,na this bill be the main thing for the game.the whole game na to get the mugu to pay this bill to claim the trunk boxes and na this bill be the money wey you dey collect from the mugu.most times the mugu get to travel come Holland come the security company office where im gho pay the bill and claim the trunk the process of convincing the mugu to pay the bill and come here come cliam the trunk boxes naim be the PACKAGING and the second stage of the work.once the mugu don dey convinced and agree to come pay the money,then the work gho shift go the security company and the third stage of the game. na the first part(BLASTING) naim you gho dey do and i gho dey do the blasting philip dey do.after i don package then i gho give the mugu security company security company Washguy1,Washguy2,washguy3 and some other Guys dey do.but na as you take get contacts as security company and as people take dey convinced say you fit do the job,sa so dem gho dey give you jobs to handle.thats why washguy1 just sit down there dey make get plenty people for Niger wey dem bring jobs for am since im first do 419 for also dey recruit people here wey dey help am blast and me i dey help the people package then give am the jobs as security company.plenty people for niger na wetin dem take dey survive be gho just see peole dey drive big cars dey build mugu money.if to say i know this level for Niger mayber i for no need to come fit do this thing anywhere in the world as long as you get the tools and the contacts.many 419 just dey niger dey make dough.when you job pay dem gho send your share to you anywhere you dey.e even dey better there because if you make small dough once you convert am the money gho full ground.

3. the third stage na the security company stage.

the security company wey you give the job gho now contact the mugu tell am say im get to come collect the trunk boxes wey dem dem don change to im name.meanwhile before then you as the PARTNER wey package the job gho don send the documents to the mugu to show say the trunk boxes actually dey with the security company and also you gho send am power of attorney from lawyer to change the name of the deposit from your name or your father name to im name.the mugu gho now travel come holland,London,Abidjan or even Nigeria to meet with the security company.dem gho arrange people wey gho pick am from Airport as protocol officer from the security company.all this na risk.when the person dey airport dey wait for the mugu,police fit pick am up.the mugu fit be person wey dem don first chop and im gho carry police follow body go arrest everybody.the mugu fit be under cover police or FBI agent,reporter or even detective.some violent mugu dey carry gun come kill everybody. dem gho carry the mugu with official company car go the office where im gho see real office with computer,secretary,and even white man wey gho act as the head of the of my guy job wey dem sit for London,na one 68 year old british man and im old wife sit the mugu.then the mugu gho pay the bill and sign some dagbo documents.then dem gho carry one trunk box come this trunk box dem dey call APKATI OR EPKETIN, meaning box.this Akpati gho contain dollars.but the level be say the bundles wey the mugu gho see,the top and the bottom na real dollars.every other thing for the middle na newspapar wey dem cut to the size of money.but na only the top im gho when im see the whole box full with money im head gho scatter.this real dollars wey dey the top and botom dey always carry one stamp.then gho tell am say the stamp na security to protect the money.but the thing be say the chemical to remove the stamp dey inside one small comtainer for inside he trunk box.dem gho take one note commot from the box then take the chemical take clean the stamp comot from the note.some people dey use black coated this one dem dey call BLACK.dem gho take black paint coat the real dollar and the fake this system money dublers for nigeria dey use.once dem take the chemical wash the real dollar,you gho beleive say the other notes for the box gho also turn to real dollars when them wash am.thats why wey dey call COME AND CARRY, WASH the process of cleaning or washing the notes be wash wash.but the game be say the chemical no gho even reach to clean all note for the box.dem gho tell the mugu say because the chemical don dey inside the boxes for too long,im don only one or two notes im gho fit clean.them gho get to order for new chemical from the chemical company to clean the from here the second bill gho the mugu gho pay for this chemical.depending on as im take hold,dem gho match am big bill. after im pay that one.dem fit tell am say dem need ANTI-TERRORIST OR DRUG CLEARANCE CERTIFICATE before dem gho fit transfer the money or deliver the cash to am.this certificate na lawyer gho arrange am and e gho cost money.dem gho matck am another bill.after that dem fit ask am for INSURANCE so the story gho continue until the mugu either broke and run or im gho find out from somebody or police say na trick.naim be say the WORK DON then INTERPOL OR FBI or local police don dey find everybody wey chop the man.if the man quick fit play along talk say im the bring the bill,but im gho come with police come burst everybody.or dem fit tap the phones take trace everybody the risk for the game be that.going to prison na possibility wey you get to dey prepared for.mugu wey dem don first chop fit play along with another set of people come with police come catch everybody. na the game be fit print this mail read am over and over again to master the details of the game.this things wey i explain like this so dey take time for any guyman to tell the tricks and secrets of the game be other person gho yanr you these things.some people dey the game no no know these things.after knowing thse things if you still dey possessed witht he spirit of greed and you wan continue,then see my next mail for how you gho take start blasting

============ end of quote =============

Research shows, there are many more lessons for accomplished 419 scammer, which contain the higher levels of the 419 scam organization.

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