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Cloudular Network Tasks - Identify, Map & Monitor

Ultrascan has extensive experience with identifying, locating, mapping, monitoring, analyzing, and predicting perpetrators of cross-border fraud, money laundering, and the planning, funding, communications, and support of terrorism for local or international religious extremists as a fast-growing component of ideological struggle, as well as geopolitical.

Intelligence professionals that 'task network', determine and eliminate 'valued' targets by integrating OSINT and HACKING with HUMINT and TECHINT into a 'Cloudular Network'.

Not linear but cloudular, which means one asset will lead to others quickly and efficiently as we pull the various threads of information allowing clients to move in many directions at the same time or follow one specific aspect if required.

Five Level Ultrascan

Five level ultrascans are used for the intelligence-gathering phase of all security-related work and to determine the relationships and real-world links

People, Groups of people (social networks)

Companies, Organizations

Web sites, Internet infrastructure such as Domains, DNS names, Netblocks, IP addresses, Email

Phone, Phrases, Affiliations, Documents, and files

But also hidden or confidential information can be revealed;

Family ties, Health status;

Financial networks, Foreign sales, Financial resources;

Media sources, Disgruntled employees, Imminent threats, Homeland plots, Tradecraft, Recruiting tactics.

Level one ultrascan

A general first wide search for the entities as given by the client, the outcome differs a lot depending on how common the names of entities are.

If the entity is named "john smith" the outcome will be a lot of information containing "john smith" - "john" and "smith"

When the entity is the outcome will be information containing or connected to

With a combination of entities, for example,, XYZ company, London, Cairo, Washington, phone, and green energy, the outcome will be information containing or connected to all entities and links between the entities.

Level two ultrascan

The outcome of the first level scan will value the newly found entities in relation to the given one, depending on the value new entities can be scanned for deeper connections to determine relationships with the originally given entity.

For example, documents with co-signatures, university records, photographs with location and time stamps, logins and passwords of (email) accounts, additional (email) addresses, company websites, Twitter accounts, can link to new entities that have connections with the given entities. Even though some entities are removed from the internet or data set, traces can still lead to new entities (evidence).

Level Three, four, and five include Humint and are focused on the desired results

Al Qaeda Bought and Tested American Jet Airplanes - 2018 - Update December 20 2019

In March 2018 financiers of arms for Al Qaeda affiliates, acquired an american made jet airplane. To enable this transaction they used an american company owned by an unsuspected (unwary?) person with dual citizenship.

Both for tax reasons as well as hiding the end-beneficiaries, its common for international private jet buyers to initially register the plane in the U.S..
The Cover -

Before the airplane was acquired the company was purposely involved into deferred delivery government contracts valued at hundreds of US$ millions that needed end-user certificates, received a US government (MIL) clearance and paid a multi million US$ brokerage commission. A commission of which a small part was used to pay for the plane.

Look for the smaller deals justified by the cover of other large amount transactions
Testing -

In April 2018 the airplane was flown to another continent and for three months extensively tested to see if it could meet its objective. Tests included and passed, to weaponize the plane and escape detection.

Creation of a legal money flow -

The plane returned to the U.S. in July 2018 where it is temporarily rented out as a medium range private jet charter, which incidentally also creates a steady and legal money flow in the U.S.

UPDATE on May 19, the aircraft leaves American airspace and entered European airspace - UPDATE on May 20, the aircraft leaves European airspace and entered African airspace

UPDATE on December 19, 2019, the aircraft left African airspace and entered European airspace Landing in France and The Netherlands on December 20

First published by Ultrascan Humint September 2018