Reality is the working paradox that defies control

Ultrascan AGI & HUMINT

Is it that we see a different, more frightening world than you do?

Our enemies are no longer nations and do not exist on a map but are non-state actors and unknown individuals. Look around you, who do you fear? Can you see a face, a uniform, a flag? No.

Yet, before breakfast in their pajamas, they can do more damage from their laptops than an intelligence agent can during a year in the field. Online organized crime doesn't know law and order, has a Wild West mentality, and is lawless to the core. Anarchy.

While transparency became fashionable in the West, the world is not more transparent now. Today it's more opaque, in the shadows, and that's where we do battle. So, before you declare that irrelevant, ask yourselves, how safe do you feel?


Ultrascan is an association of 51 partners managing 3284 experts in 69 countries. Ultrascan has been established in 1996.

The scope of our work is Anti Money Laundering - Transnational Organized Crime (TOC) and the Nexus Terrorism - disrupting Transnational Criminal Networks. This scope generates HUMINT and access to primary sources in and outside the chain of command.

Our vision is that to enable new security policy as well as geo-policy, one first has to align with the current one to compile an intelligence analysis.

Unlimited access to information and people gave us a good sense for seemingly insignificant or isolated events and the " Butterfly Effect "

In the past 18 years, Ultrascan has set up a human intelligence network, coordinating the international cooperation of 3284 experts in over 69 countries. These experts, provide the basis for Professional Investigative Services. Assist you with Corporate Investigations or be your source for effective security risk management and Policy to mitigate crime trends or imminent incidents.

Even though Researching Organized Crime and Terrorism through undercover investigations brings certain personal security risks, as operational security is maintained it is most gratifying to reveal illegal financial crime trends, tracing cross border assets, map networks of anonymous suspects in hostile environments, and enable international security operations to counter terror funding or fraud.

Ultrascan has extensive experience with identifying, locating, mapping, monitoring, analyzing, and predicting perpetrators of cross border fraud, money laundering, and the planning, funding, communications, and support of terrorism for local or international religious extremists as a fast-growing component of ideological struggle, as well as geopolitical.

Implementing strategic security audits to detect when fraud and money laundering is shifting from a criminal-inspired activity into an ideology-driven terror funding mechanism, is particularly useful for counter-terrorism financing, anti-money laundering, sanctions, and compliance security measures.

"We have the tools and resources. Managed appropriately we effectively monitor with impact assessments in place"



Each wave of both pandemics, as well as a financial crisis, is more destructive. Social distancing and lockdown measures effectively halted production and services; counter pandemic measures merge with the results of the financial crash. The financial impact is life-changing, economically devastation, and creating mass dependency on the state.
Extremist organizations expect government continuity to crumble and stage coup D'états when government services in economically weak areas cease to exist.

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Al Qaeda moves towards Rwanda

In recent weeks, more than 1500 fighters joined the affiliates that target Rwanda, bringing the total to an estimated 2500 soldiers for Phase I of the GSI doctrine; establishing fear and presence by random killings

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Al Qaeda Bought and Tested American Jet Airplanes - 2018 - Update December 20 2019

In March 2018 financiers of arms for Al Qaeda affiliates, acquired an American made jet airplane. To enable this transaction they used an american company owned by an unsuspected (unwary?) person with dual citizenship. UPDATE on May 19, the aircraft leaves American airspace and entered European airspace UPDATE on May 20, the aircraft leaves European airspace and entered African airspace - UPDATE on December 19, 2019 the aircraft left African airspace and entered European airspace Landing in France and The Netherlands on December 20

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External financing of terrorism, available intelligence and investigations of the remittance sector, a charity organization and a salafist mosque - Case study

I.        External Financing of Harakaat al-Shabaab al-Mujaahidiin - AL-SHABAAB - Charity organization and a Salafist mosque

A.       AL-FOURQAAN mosque and foundation in The Netherlands.

II.       External Financing of Harakaat al-Shabaab al-Mujaahidiin AL-SHABAAB - Money Transfer Business

B.       RAYAN CARGO BV, TAAJ in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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Alert! - Al Qaeda is widening its existing scope of attacks into the tropics

Recently intercepted communications indicate that Al Qaeda (affiliates and offshoots) is widening its existing (long term) scope of attacks into the tropics

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